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13:45-14:00 Introduction & Opening
Dr. Alex Doo
14:00-15:00 Session 1
Chairpersons: Prof. Jacqueline Chung; Dr. Alex Doo
14:00-14:20 Studies of activation of primordial follicles – a summary of progress during the past decade
Kui Liu, Hong Kong
14:20-14:40 Microbiome and PCO
Varykina Thackray, USA
14:40-15:00 How the sperm meets oocytes
Sherman Silber, USA
15:15-16:15 Session 2
Chairpersons: Dr. Emily Lam; Dr. Raymond Li
15:15-15:35 New ovarian biomarkers: where do they fit?
William Ledger, Australia
15:35-15:55 Handling of patients with low quality embryos
Yoshiharu Morimoto, Japan
15:55-16:15 Advanced in non-drug stimulated techniques and results
Kazuhiro Kawamura, Japan
16:30-17:30 Session 3
Chairpersons: Dr. Carina Chan; Dr. Alice Wong
16:30-16:50 The source of oocytes for assisted reproductive technologies
Richeng Chian, China
16:50-17:10 Freeze-all indications
Zijang Chen, China
17:10-17:30 Is pituitary suppression necessary for blocking LH surge during ovarian stimulation with clomiphene citrate?
Dongzi Yang, China
Industry Session and Exhibition
17:30-18:00 Recent advances in ovarian stimulation
(Sponsored by Ferring)
Juan Garcia Velasco, Spain
18:00-18:30 An overview of AI in the ART clinic: treatments and lab
(Sponsored by Merck)
Diego Ezcurra, USA
18:30-19:00 Role of probiotics for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers with scientific support
(Sponsored by Bayer)
John Sinn, Australia
Hannah Wong, Hong Kong
19:00-20:00 Session 4
Chairpersons: Dr. Calvin Lee; Dr. Jia Zhou
19:00-19:20 Stem cell in Asherman Syndrome
Songying Zhangb, China
19:20-19:40 Research with bone marrow derived stem cells for ovarian rescue in women with POR and POI
Sonia Herraiz, Spain
19:40-20:00 What the AI can offer to the IVF field
Amparo Mifsud Giner, Spain
20:15-21:35 Session 5
Chairpersons: Prof. Milton Leong; Dr. Queenie Yeung
20:15-20:35 The underlying embryo biology for PGT-A
Norbert Gleicher, USA
20:35-20:55 Stem cells and regeneration in ART 2020 and beyond
Gerald Schatten, USA
20:55-21:15 Updates in 3D printed bioprosthetic ovary research
Monica Laronda, USA
21:15-21:35 Mitochondrial quality control and ovarian aging
Tianren Wang, China
21:35-21:40 Closing
Prof. Milton Leong